The Open Government Project

Government Transparency, Citizen Engagement and Public Access to Information: A ‘Best Practices’ Proposal for B.C.

The goal of this initiative is to provide a rationale for, and persuade the new BC government to introduce ‘Open Government’ measures.  We will seek to demonstrate why it is both necessary and beneficial for any level of government to increase its information sharing, transparency and engagement with citizens.

Open Government is the realization of democratic principles in the context of the information society. As a set of values and practices, it holds that citizens have the right to access the information, documents and proceedings of the government, so as to allow for effective public engagement and oversight. The ultimate goal is to make governments more transparent, responsive, accountable and effective.

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Would you like to volunteer?

This all-volunteer project is under the direction of Darrell Evans, founder and former Executive Director of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association.

The project team is in the process of being assembled. Project advisers from all stakeholder groups are being sought, as well as volunteers to handle project planning and direction, stakeholder contact and representation, research and writing, website creation, social media, and other communication functions.

Contact Darrell Evans at