Research Topics

The Open Government Project will draw on the expertise of leading experts across a wide range of open government fields and gather their input on current best practices and the practical steps that BC’s provincial government and other Canadian governments can take to achieve them.

The resulting recommendations will be incorporated in the Project’s report Government Transparency, Citizen Engagement and Public Access to Information: A ‘Best Practices’ Proposal for B.C.

Research topics will likely include:

  • Processes for public engagement and consultation
  • Updating and reform of BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 
  • Open Data
  • Proactive dissemination / routine disclosure of government information
    • Publication Schemes
  • A BC Public Records Management Act, including:
    • Archives and records legislation, and
    • An updated document preservation and disposal regime
  • A legislated duty to record decision-making and actions of government, including proactive disclosure of:
    • Meetings of government officials
    • Contracts to supply goods and services
    • Donations to political parties
    • Expenses of government officials
    • Licenses, permits, discretionary benefits
  • Crown Copyright reform
  • Lobbyist registry improvements
  • Whistleblower legislation or provisions

(More to come)